I totally haven't blogged for so long, I don't know why, it's not like I am doing much. Well I went and saw Nick! Gosh, it was just so amazing. It couldn't of been any better (well we had one little blip, so maybe it could have), it was one of the best weeks of my life thus far. We arrived there Tues around 5pm local time, got our car, and went to our hotel. On Weds we drove around, went on base for a little bit, got the feel of everything, ate at Longhorn steak house, and then went back to our hotel. When we were on base, it was so weird being SO close to Nick, but not being able to see him, or tell him that we were there. The next day we arrived on base around 8am to see Nick @ Family Day. The traffic was ridiculous! It took us a good hour and a half to go 5 miles from our hotel to the base. We arrived there, and sat in some bleachers on a field, and watched all of the soldiers march out... It was so neat! I got butterflies in my stomach. We were trying to find Nick out of the 1,100 soldiers standing there, but since they all dress the same to a T, it was a little bit hard to find him. I felt like I was trying to find Waldo, but at least he's wearing that tacky red and white striped shirt! Haha. So they finally released everyone after talking to go on the field and find our soldier. "Go find your soldier", MY very own soldier, it is such a nice thing to hear. Well, of course, everyone was pushing and shoving to go down the ramp hooked on to the bleachers, that I was getting a little nervous, I hate when people push and shove, and are slow! I have really little patience, lol. So anyways, there was a slight crack in between the railing, and luckily, my skinny ass fit through! So I squeezed in between it (thank you CF! haha) and ran down a little hill (ran, HAHA did I say run? yup I did!) to try to find Nick. I couldn't find him at first, so his mom pointed him out. He was just totally standing there in formation until we ran up to him. We were both like so shocked that I had made it out there that it was completely dream-like. We were so cautious to hug each other it almost seemed, like if we did, we'd wake up. But sure enough I ran into his camouflage arms, and hugged him like the world was ending, and gave him a big kiss! I had already had his wedding ring in my hand, and when he grabbed my hand, his ring was in my palm, and it totally made him smile.

After all that, we got to spend all day on base with him and so we decided to go to the PX, and that shit was packed! I mean, we couldn't even eat, because it seemed like people were even sitting on peoples laps it was so packed. So Nick & I ran it and got some stuff at the exchange really quick, and jammed out of there. You can barely breathe. He had his first energy drink in 3 months. They weren't allowed to have caffeine or anything bad for your body.... Haha, he definitely hasn't changed :) So after that, we went to the subway in the shoppette across the way. OMG what a horrible experience! I mean this subway was TINY, maybe half the size of a restaurant in the food court at your local mall. Pathetic! So there was a line, and we literally waited 2 hours for a f-ing sandwich. Everyone in line started sitting on boxes in the store, it got so tiring, haha.. me included :). So while we were waiting we just sat there and chatted, it was nice, but it was totally wearing me out. We finally got to the front, and the customer service was HORRIBLE! I mean they only had like 2 people working, which was pathetic for how many customers they were having all day. Then, I don't think I have ever had a sandwich so sloppily put together, holy crap. So I was like this had better be a DAMN good sandwich. And after all of that nonsense, we had planned on eating our food at a park on base, and we get out of the building, and the officers wouldn't let us go to our cars! Turns out there was a BOMB THREAT at the PX right across the way (the one we were at post-subway), it's a good thing we got out of there when we did. So we had to wait another 2 hours at the gas station outside, haha. It was kind of making Nick a little cranky, haha. Get it, Nick, cranky? LOL ok sorry, that was me making a lame funny. So after sitting there in the BLAZING heat, yes, it was 90 out there the whole time we were there... It was beautiful though. We finally went to the park, and just sat there and talked and held hands, it was so nice. After relaxing, we decided to go play mini-golf, which may I mention, I am SO bad at. So at like the 6th hole, I totally was a poor sport and quit haha... but Nick and his mom & Gary kept playing, and I just kept score.

Okay, so now keep in mind, I was SO surprised that I made it thus far, I mean I had previously been in the hospital for like two weeks, so I was doing sooo good. Then it was time for the dinner with all the soldiers. SO we went into the building and I was having a little bit of a fever, so I took some excedrin because that's all I could get my hands on at the time. Not even 15 minutes later I started coughing and my lungs felt so gurgley, so I ran to the bathroom, and there was this huge line... I asked if I could cut someone and the girls are like "just do it in the sink honey", thinking I had to throw up. Well I went to the sink and totally just started coughing up pools of blood. So naturally, everyone starts FREAKING out, and this woman comes up to me and starts screaming at me that i'm ulcerating and i'm ike "lady no im not I have cystic fibrosis, it's my lungs!", and she's like "no i'm a doctor, it's something you ate, it's the smoke that was on the field, it's this, it's that", oooh how annoying! Anyone with CF knows that when you are coughing, people talking to you, it's the most annoying thing in the world, let alone when blood keeps spilling out of every cough. So then over the loudspeaker they were like "Pvt. Crank, please report to the woman's bathroom" LOL poor Nick! So meanwhile the "doctor" was like, " I just called the ambulance, we're going to get you on a breathing machine. " And of course, I am freaking the heck out! So by then I am done coughing up blood, and the ambulance comes, and takes me to the nearest hospital off base. So we get to Providence hospital in SC, and they basically do some labs on me, and an xray and say i'm "OK"... Which I knew I was going to be anyways. Nick got to come with me off base, and all I could do was cry, I was so sad that we missed the big dinner. But Nick wasn't upset, he just wanted me to be ok. He stayed by my side every second :) My hero.

So around 9:30ish we finally got discharged, and rushed Nick back to formation. He was late for it, but he wasn't in-trouble because he got permission from his 1st commanding officer and one of his drill sergeants. His girl drill sergeant was even in the bathroom when all of this happened, so she totally knew what was going on. We wound up saying good night, and went back to the hotel. I was so afraid to take my medicines, thinking it made my lungs bleed, I was so paranoid I couldn't even get to sleep at a decent time that night. Probably didn't fall asleep until 1 or 2am. Go figure. I got up at 6:30 the next day, took a shower, got ready, but I didn't do much makeup that day. We watched Nick graduate, and it was so amazing! I have some pictures & videos I will post later to this post. After graduation we got to go off base! We headed back to the hotel to relax, just him and I in my room, because it was already such a long day. I wound up taking a nap, and he took a long shower! He wasn't really allowed very long showers in basic, so this was nice for him. After I woke up, I did my makeup, and got dressed up for dinner. We went to a steakhouse, and I didn't really like it too much, but Nick was happy to have a nice big steak. I wasn't really able to enjoy dinner because around that time was the same time 24 hours previously that I had that incident with the blood, so I was a little freaked out and paranoid. We went back to the hotel afterwards, and just spent a lot of time talking. It really made me realize that Nick really truly is my best friend, and I can tell him everything and anything, even if he doesn't want to hear some of the girl stuff haha. We kept looking at the clock, because we knew he had to be back by 3 for formation, so around 2 we left. But before that we just spent a lot of time loving each other, and fell asleep in each others arms, it was so nice. God I miss him so much.

We had to say goodbye again, and it wasn't the least bit easier than the first time. It was harder, and I cried a lot more. It really sucked. At 7am on Saturday morning, he left for Virginia! That was such a lonely day... but luckily we got to text most of the time. We wound up leaving on Sunday at 7am. We were supposed to arrive in redding around 5pm local time, and low and behold, our plane out of San Francisco was CANCELLED! We had like a 9 hour layover, so I just slept on the seats. Yes, I was the creep laying al over the seats, haha. Apparently Pat and Gary had bets on that when I woke up, I would be hungry, hahaha. They were right. We went to a seafood place in the airport, they didn't have much of a selection, so of course, I get the biggest thing on the menu, not to mention the most expensive... 1 1/2lb boiled main lobster, hahaha. It was SO good. After that, we just kind of hung out until the plane arrived around 10 at night. We flew home, and I fell asleep on the plane, then we were in Redding before I knew it. It was even hard to say goodbye to Nicks mom just because we were together for so long... and it was time to go back to reality.

I got home, and passed out! Talk about tired. Haha, that's pretty much my story of SC, I will post more later!

And for the PICTURES :)


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