It's friday again?

Well, last night Brandi & I went to a healing convention at the local Civic Center. It was put on by Bethel Church I believe, but thousands of people from around the world went. The worship was great! I don't go to church often, but when I do, I just feel Jesus flowing through my veins from the sound of the music. Specially when it's concert-style. After the worship the pastor talked about the words of knowledge and he had people will terminal diseases, and cancer raise their hand. Now I didn't go to this thing expecting a miracle, I actually went to see miracles happen. It's the most amazing thing. But Hundreds of people lain their hands on me and the people who couldn't reach me put their arms towards me, and everyone just prayed. It was so powerful and selfless. I've never really ever experienced a love like that. It is so refreshing to know that their actually ARE good people in this world, and that it's not completely full of assholes. Anyways, a lot of people who had surgeries on their backs and things like that, got healed and it was a miracle! We watched them bend in ways they never could before, right infront of our eyes. God is so AMAZING! Tonight is the last day it will be held for this year, in Redding. I don't think I will be going because the service literally is almost like 5 hours, and I can sit still for that long :( If it wasn't so cramped I would. But I am just so blessed to have been able to see all those miracles and feel the love of people and God last night. I am so happy that Brandi was there with me. There is nothing like holding your best friends hand in a moment like that. :)

Nick leaves on Monday already, I think I am kind of numb to it now. I am sure that I will be a big bawl baby as soon as it comes time to say good-bye. But we made a promise that every night at 8pm California time and 10pm Missouri time, we are going to think about each other. It will be a good way to comfort each other when we can't be there for each other physically. I am just excited for him, I know this will be good for him, and I have a hunch he's going to make some good friends. I just have to pull my part and keep myself healthy. My biggest fear is having me get sick, and him being out there feeling helpless for me.

That's about all for now, ciao! xx Godbless.

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