Woah, it's so weird to hover over the time on the computer and have it say '2010'.

Anyway, 2010 didn't really come in with a big bang or anything, but we did go to a little get together... it was kind of depressing. It's like everything and everyone about last year was washed away. New friends, new resolutions, new jobs, new cities, new things happening.

I never really do new years resolutions, only because no one and I mean no one that I know actually follows it throughout the whole year. It's almost just an excuse to make new goals, when you really can do that at anytime. This whole year isn't promised anyways, so why not make a goal while you can? My 'goal' for the first couple months is to excel in my health, specifically getting rid of this bug that I have in my lungs, and to gain some more weight, maybe be at 110. With Nick leaving, it's going to be weird starting the year off without him, but I am strong, and I will get through. I just hope I am not stressed too much. I've never done a long distance relationship... not a serious one anyways, unless you count like 5th grade on the internet, lolol. But yeah, I am going to pretty much rock this new year out of the world. I want to toast to good health, prosperity and a lot of love!

Well, recently some things have been happening with my dad and his wife, so he is going to come to California again and he will be staying with me. I am honestly so excited, I was afraid I wasn't really going to get the help that I needed without Nick here because sometimes my health get's a little goofy and I literally need assistance up the stairs. Lol, talk about an old fart. I can't walk up stairs, I got bad knees, I can't hear ya, and to top it off, I need a placard for my car. Hahahahaha, I love it. I am getting old. But fuck that, I will get better, just takes some time, patience, good mind set compliance, and support. But yeah, so he will be here for I dont know how long, but he is good company, and he is like a best friend, so I am excited to help him out, because he's always been here for me!

Hmm nothing else is new really, I cooked some good dinner though, lol I should be a chef. I don't even know why but when I start cooking I am totally in a different mind set, is anyone else like that? I like to cook by taste. My grandma raised me, so I am used to cooking homemade meals and using the good shit, like real butter, whole milk... etc. Gotta fatten up somehow. :)

Okay, well I am going to go, Ciao! <3

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