My love for you stretches across the nation.

Well, Nick left on the 19th. We woke up, he packed his little bag of stuff he could bring, and we headed out. We left early so we could pay his cellphone bill, and the place wasn't even open by 9AM, which I thought was weird. So we went and got some coffee right next to the recruiters office at Starbucks instead. It was the last quality time we were to spend together for a while. I think I had cried so much on and off the day before, that "The Day" wasn't too hard. We pulled up to the recruiters station, and of course his whole family was there. I think it kind of stressed Nick out a little bit, just because it made him feel like it was this HUGE deal (even though it was), but he just doesn't like to feel like that. A couple of his friends showed up that didn't have to work, which was nice. I'm sure it made him happy. Of course, my Nicklebutton never fails to forget something, lol, and he forgot his Debit card, so he had to take mine. Kind of sucks because now I have to re-order one for myself. Oh well, I will live.

Anyways, so what has happened SINCE then is that he went to MEPS that day, and Ft. Leonardwood in Missouri reported to MEPS that they were full and no longer excepting anymore recruits, so Nick and 5 other guys got transferred to Ft. Jackson, in South Carolina. I think Nick was a little upset about this because he detests North Carolina, haha... But they are two different states, and he'll grow to learn that. He got to ATL earlier today (well yesterday since it's technically the 21st now), and they had a 4 hour bus ride to SC, then 36 hour processing from there. They took his phone and iPod after the lecture on the bus (or before they got on the bus), so my contact with him now is very limited and I won't talk to him again until they give him the phone call home. After that we will be writing regularly. I can't wait.

But with all that being said, I think I am doing fairly well with my emotions. I know that some days are going to be harder than others, but I will make it through. I know that as much as I am loving and missing him, he is doing just the same. It's rougher for me at night, because night time is harder to keep myself busy than it is in the day time. I have Brandi here for now, but she is moving out on Saturday, she has been a great help, ever since I met her generally, but specially since Nick has left. My dad will be staying with me the whole time, but it just makes me sad that now my bestie is moving out too. Luckily she's still trapped in the same town as me ;). I have a lot of supportive people here for me, so I am not the one I am worrying about. It's Nick. I hope that he is able to make some good friends along the way, and has some people to talk to for support. I know guys are different than girls and they just don't openly talk about their feelings... But I know that there are going to be other guys there that just got married, and are spending there first chunk of away time from their wives too. It will help if he can talk it out I think :)

Anyways, I just keep praying and keeping faith to get me through the day, weeks, months, then I am hoping it will come before you know it and I will be visiting my loverbum. I have been feeling great and I want to keep it that way. And on that note - I think I am going to go to sleep, this is the first time i've been up this long in a while haha. Goodnight <3


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