Life doesn't wait.

Today I learned something. Hope. I learned what it really means. It means strength, strength to hold on. Even if others are doubting you, even if you once doubted yourself, having hope means having more strength. There is no such thing as false hope. I hope that one day, I can receive a double lung transplant. I have faith in that, and a lot of hope. Even if I never receive one, my hope still remains. Why not have hope? You don't know what will happen. Life is crazy, and it's full of hope.

At 9:30AM This morning, Heaven received a beautiful, red-headed angel. Her name is Eva, Eva Markvoort. She fought the long battle of Cystic Fibrosis, and Post-transplant rejection. She was waiting for her second transplant, but as her lung function continued to spiral down, she became to weak, and new lungs didn't come soon enough. The thing I love about Eva, is she knew in her heart what was happening, but she loved everyone, so so much. She loved everyone SO much, that she blogged every day until the day she passed. In her weak fragile state, she wanted to update the world with how she was doing. She is such a beautiful girl. I hope that if I face trials and tribulations like her, I can be half of the woman she was. She will be missed, by many people, not to mention the CF community. We love you Eva, and you have given love a whole new definition. May you smile, and be with the angels & good Lord above.

And thank you, for teaching me what you have.

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