Rain rain go away.

I feel as if sleep is a nutrient.
Another nutrient, that I am lacking.
Sleep deficiency. Insomnia? Understatement.
What is sleep?
What are the feelings before sleep?
Loneliness? Afraid? Disorientation?
Falling asleep, falling deep into a hole.
Never landing, reality awaking.
Light turns on, noises all around.
Reality? This is reality.
Time for antibiotics. It's only 7am.
Sluggishly dragging my feet around
the house. Cocktails of pills.
Stop. Breathe. Cough. Breathe. Sit.
Eat, exercise, rest. Rest? What is rest?
My eyes close, to good to be true.
Wake up, it's 12 afternoon. More antibiotics.
Needles, saline, powdered substances, mixing.
Mixing this potion that will make my days easier.
Or harder?
Eat. rest.
The vest, it shakes reality into my bones.
My dry cough, so sad.
Breathe in this liquid. .
Nothing happening.
Cough, Cough, cough.
Time for dinner.
Can't hold you down.
Little tiny pills, make my nausea disappear.
I will eat later.
7pm, IV's again.
No escape from this leash.
No escape from this hell.
Bed time, time to cry, don't let anyone see you.
Bravery so others call it...
I call it robbery.

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