Who sucks at blogs? ME :)

Sorry to all of my lovely readers for not blogging on so long. I've kept you guys in suspense mode for just way, way too long. Shame on me. Let's see...

Christmas: Christmas in general was ok. Not to sound like a greedy person, but it was just ok. Christmas eve totally blew, and leave it to me to ruin it for everyone. I was supposed to make some beautiful card for my moms birthday (which would be Christmas eve), and have dinner, open presents at my moms house. Well, I didn't get the card done, I still have yet to do it, which kind of makes me feel like some sort of asshole. I backed out of my Tylenol/Motrin-4-hour-rotation, so I wound up running a fever, and crying like a baby about my health. We didn't even get to my moms birthday cake. How pathetic. She wasn't upset by any means, but still... I felt like an arrogant ass. Anyway, we got home around 9:30, and I exchanged presents with Brandi, she made me such a beautiful blanket. I really love it so much, I am really bad at expressing emotions when I am happy for some reason, but I love it, a lot. I feel like our relationship is going to be like Linus and his little blue blanket. I got her a cute little plaid jacket, it might be too small though. But she loves it!

Christmas day I slept in way longer than I was supposed to. We were supposed to be at Nicks Nana's around 11 and we didn't even show up until 12. I didn't wind up doing my makeup, just my hair... and didn't dress up for it. Before we left, I opened the present that Nick got me, and it was a lovely ruby necklace. It's his birthstone color, because every time I look at it, it will remind me of him :) I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Then we were off to his grandparents house, and let's keep in mind... they are those really slow drivers that piss everyone off, lol. We had to carpool with them on the way to Redbluff (about 45mins away), which took like an hour 1/2. That was exciting, but my blackberry and candy kept me entertained enough. Lol. We got to his moms house in Redbluff around almost 2 and opened presents. I got way more presents than I thought I would, and I pretty much love them all. They are basically gift cards and clothes. But it's still exciting, now I can go buy some makeup :). Christmas dinner guests included; me, Nick, (Nicks brother WAS there but left), Gary's brother, and his wife. Dinner was good, but we sat around way too long and talked about retirement plans. Haha, how boring. I managed to start my stupid period in the middle of all that so we had to go to the gas station. Let's see hmm... That's about all, we went home and then crashed, Christmas was exhausting.

Yesterday Nick went over to his Dad's for Christmas, I didn't go because I guess his dad was REALLY sick, so it probably wouldn't be the wisest choice. He got some nice personal gifts, like Winter Brew, a beautiful calender with amazing art in it, and some nice art tools. We got a scale for our bathroom, i've been dying to get one, because I hate not knowing how much I weigh. And it's hard to set and achieve my goals if I don't know... so YAY! I also got a nice scarf, gloves, and hat. Some stalking stuffers.... and really neat smelly bubbles. I feel like a kid again :)

That pretty much explains the past couple days, nothing else exciting has happened. Later loves.

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